Galcon Series 8100 GQ Irrigation Controller Timer

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Galcon 8100 Series GQ 4 Station 8 Station Irrigation Controller

Product Description
Galcon Series 8100-GQ 8100 Irrigation Controller - the ultimate user-friendly, DIY system for estate homes requiring 1-8 stations. Comes complete with 3 pin plug for easy connection to the home electrical system, users never have to worry about batteries running out. In addition, this controller has a built-in, external memory.

Main Features

•     3 Programs A B C , special program button, 3 different programs may be put on each valve.
•     Daily: Monday through Sunday. Cyclic: 1 day - 31 days.
•     Time: Two options, 12:00 am and pm, 24 hour clock, yearly calendar.
•     Duration: 1 minute - 4 hours.
•     Start: Daily, 4 starts a day. Cyclic, 1 start with delay option.
•     Manual operation by program or individual valve.
•     Master opens with each valve.
•     Water budget: By program 10%-190%.
•     Sensor: All valves.
•     Rain off: According to program 1 - 240 days.
•     Irrigation zone test: Individual valves tested.
•     Auxiliary program: X program for lights, ponds etc.
•     Odd and even days programming according to date.
•     External memory.
•     Operates 24 Volt AC Solenoid Valves


24 volt AC Solenoid Valves Required
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