Reservoir Liners & Construction

Reservoir Liners & Construction

Reservoir, Pond, Lake, Lagoon Liners and ConstructionGSM Textile pre-lining

We are able to supply and install liners for reservoirs, ponds, lakes and lagoons for the horticulture and agriculture industries.
We offer;

  • Full design
  • Excavation
  • Lined with GSM texile lining protective sheeting
  • 1.00mm Polyethylene liner

Liner being laid in sections and weldedThe liner is laid out in sections before being welded onsite. Before each days welding commences the welding equipment is preheated and test welds carried out.
On site destructive tests of seams will be carried out using field test clamps or an electronic tensometer with bones cut tested and recorded.
All Welds will be air pressure tested on site.  
The liner membrane will be LLDPE to atafill SPEC


Reservoir constructed and lined with GSM Textile liner Corners being constructed Liner being welded

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