Bermad 100 Series 24VAC Top Pilot Pressure Regulating Solenoid Valve 3 Way

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Bermad 100 Series  24VAC Pressure Reducing Top Pilot Valve with Solenoid Control 3 Way



The BERMAD Top Pilot Pressure Reducing Control valves offer top performance, compact design, and intuitive plug-and-play operation, thanks to an innovative integrated pilot, equipped with a high-resolution adjustment dial for easy, quick & accurate calibration. Model IR-12T-55-3W-X reduces higher upstream pressure to a calibrated constant downstream pressure, regardless of flow fluctuations and opens fully when line pressure drops below setting. The valve opens & shuts in response to an electric signal.

Electrical inputs;

  • 24 Volt AC
  • 9 Volt DC Latching


    • Line Pressure Driven, Hydraulically Controlled (on/Off)
      • Protects downstream systems
      • Opens fully when line pressure drop
    • 3ֺֺ-Way Integrated pilot – user friendly design
      • Adjustment knob and high resolution scale for easy calibration without pressure gauge
      • Compact “Box-Size” solution
      • Solenoid conrtrol is easily added or removed
      • Uniquely suitable to all size range up to 3”
    • Eֺֺngineered Plastic Valve with Industrial Grade Design
      • Adaptable on-site to a wide range of end connection sizes and types
      • Highly durable, chemical & cavitation resistant
    • hֺֺYflow ‘Y’ Valve Body with “Look Through” Design
      • Ultra-high flow capacity at Low pressure loss
    • Uֺֺnitized Flexible Super Travel Diaphragm with a Guided Plug
      • Accurate and stable regulation with smooth closing
      • Requires low actuation pressure
      • Prevents diaphragm erosion and distortion

Bermad 100 Series Solenoid ... by Wayne Seaman


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