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Hunter PRO-C Face Panel Upgrade to Wifi Irrigation Controller

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  • Hunter Hydrawise Face Plate Upgrade for Pro-C controllers (Manufactured after march 2014)
  • Hunter Hydrawise Face Plate Upgrade for Pro-C controllers (Manufactured after march 2014)
  • Hunter Hydrawise Face Plate Upgrade for Pro-C controllers (Manufactured after march 2014)
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Professional-Grade Wi-Fi Face Panel for Pro-C® With Hydrawise™ Web-Based Software

The revolutionary HPC face panel brings the Pro-C controller that you know and trust into the world of Wi-Fi irrigation management — with no reinstallation or rewiring required.

Perfect for retrofitting modular and fixed station controllers manufactured since March 2014 or for new installations that demand modular functionality, the HPC was developed to give contractors another powerful tool to save time, save water, protect landscapes, and grow their businesses.

The HPC uses Hydrawise technology to offer automatic watering schedule updates based on real-time climate data and deliver instant alerts to contractors in the event of a problem in the system. Simply swap out the dial face panel on any Pro-C with the new touch-screen HPC, and you have an economical and effective way to provide customers with the 21st-century tools that they demand.

With the HPC, you can monitor your irrigation system with Hydrawise web-based software from anywhere worldwide using your smart device or web browser. Predictive Watering™ adjusts schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping your clients’ landscapes healthy and beautiful. Add a simple-to-install flow meter and set up automatic notifications to alert you of broken pipes or sprinklers.


  • Upgrade Pro-C modular and fixed station controllers manufactured since March 2014 to the Hydrawise platform
  • Wi-Fi enabled for fast and simple internet connection
  • Full-color touch screen
  • Built-in milliamp sensor for detection of wiring problems
  • Full programming at the controller
  • HC Flow Meter compatible for flow monitoring and alerts
  • Built-in electrical monitoring and alerts
  • One sensor port
  • Hydrawise software compatible
  • Warranty period: 2 years



Touch-Screen Interface (HPC)

The HPC Face Panel has a full graphical touchscreen interface,
which makes programming with or without Wi-Fi connectivity
and manual starting from the controller a breeze.



Predictive Watering™ Adjustments

Daily schedule adjustments based on local weather data monitor
past, current and forecasted temperature, rainfall, humidity, and
wind speed. This allows for adjustments of watering times and
schedules to balance water savings with water efficiency for plants.


Flow Meter Detection and Alerts

Monitor your piping and sprinklers with an optional flow meter.
Receive automatic alerts when a pipe is broken to prevent property


Wiring Detection and Alerts (HPC)

HPC Face Panel continuously monitors the electrical current flowing
to your solenoid valves. If the current is too high or too low,
Hydrawise will alert you and tell you which valve is not working
properly. This allows you to correct a failed valve before damage is
done to the landscape.






PRO C Hydrawise Faceplate by Wayne Seaman on Scribd

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