MDPE Philmac Coupler Joiner 3G Metric/Imperial™ compression fitting

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MDPE Philmac Coupler Joiner 3G Metric/Imperial™ compression fitting

Philmac 3G Metric/Imperial™ compression fittings The UK's number one choice.

  • Market focussed.  3G Metric/Imperial™ was designed for the UK market providing an insert free system
  • Approved.  FullyWRAS approved for above and below ground use.
  • Innovative. A modern, versatile fitting for today's market.
  • High performance. Manufactured from high-performance thermoplastic materials with outstanding impact, UV and corrosion resistance. Rated to 16 Bar (230psi).
  • Flexibility not complexity. One range, removing the need for dedicated fittings and inserts.
  • Problem solving. Old black pipes are difficult to identify.
  • 3G Metric/Imperial™ connects to all classes without inserts.
  • Normal Gauge requires a connection kit.
  • Simple to use. No need to push the pipe past the seal, with Philmac's Slide &Tighten™ technology installation couldn't be simpler. Simply insert the pipe fully into the fitting and tighten the nut.
  • Compact design. An ideal fitting for use in confined spaces.
  • The design and size of the fittings means that in installations taking place between fixed points, the manipulation of the pipe into the fitting becomes easy.
  • No loose components. If the nut is removed there is no danger of losing components, as the collet and seal ring are retained in the body.

 Philmac 3G metric/Imperial™ -The complete solution.

 Patent protected the Metric/ImperialTM plastic compression fitting is the product of the company’s unrelenting commitment to continuous improvement and a culture based on innovation and ingenuity.

Seven into one will go


  • Blue MDPE BS 6572
  • Black MDPE BS 6730
  • Low Density Class C BS 1972
  • Low Density Class D BS 1972
  • High Density Class C BS 3284
  • High Density Class D BS 3284
  • IRS 135 Heavy Gauge BS 1972/61
  • No need for inserts or dedicated fittings.
  • Liners must be used with metric pipe sizes 20, 25, 32, 50 & 63mm

No pipe preparation is needed and no force is required to push the pipe past the seal, so installation could not be faster or easier. Simply insert the pipe fully into the fitting and then tighten the nut. Assembly is so easy that you can even do it under live conditions. No special tools are required and there is no need to disassemble the fitting before use because the Metric/ImperialTM compression fitting is supplied pre-assembled and ready to use.


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