Orma Leader 20/40 Hose Reel Irrigator

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  • Orma Leader 20/40 Hose reel Irrigator
  • Orma Leader Arena Irrigation
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Ideal for watering of;  Cricket Squares; Riding Arenas;  Bowls Greens; Lawns & Landscaped areas

Leader 20 irrigates and exploits the water pressure to reel in the sprinkler trolley. Elegant, safe, silent and extremely versatile, it can be used in several sectors, be they professional or not.
Ensures a uniform and controlled distribution of water.

The innovative high performance turbine drive can be used with special waters and fertilizers.

All our irrigators come built up and fully tested prior to delivery. So no assembly is required by the customer.

Leader 20/40 Irrigator watering a Bowls Green

Standard equipment:

-  turbine drive with low absorption
-  rewind speed through by-pass turbine by-pass
-  stopping device at end irrigation

-  trolley for sprinkler on wheels
-  automatic trolley lifting
-  Part circle sprinkler
-  instruction book

Leader 20 Turbine Irrigator    

Hose Diameter       20mm
Hose Length 40 metre
Pressure Range 2 - 4 bar
Flow Rate

10 - 15 ltr/min

  0.60 - 0.90 m³/hr
Wetted width 16 - 26 metre
Rewind Speed 10 - 20 mtr/hr









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