Pipe Saddles Black

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Pipe Saddle Take offs

Saddles can be used on LDPE, MDPE, alkathene and PVC Pipes.


Code Pipe Size x Female Threaded Take Off
SAD0292 20mm x 1/2"
SAD0296 25mm x 1/2"
SAD0298 25mm x 3/4"
SAD0300 32mm x 1/2"
SAD0302 32mm x 3/4"
SAD0301 32mm x 1" 
SAD0294 40mm x 1/2"
SAD0303 40mm x 3/4"
SAD0304 40mm x 1"
SAD0305 50mm x 1/2"
SAD0306 50mm x 3/4"
SAD0310 50mm x 1"
SAD0311 50mm x 1.1/4"
SAD0313 63mm x 1/2"
SAD0312 63mm x 3/4"
SAD0314 63mm x 1"
SAD0334 63mm x 1.1/4" 
SAD0336 63mm x 1.1/2"
SAD0338 75mm x 1/2"
SAD0315 75mm x 3/4"
SAD0316 75mm x 1"
SAD0318 75mm x 1.1/2"
SAD0320 75mm x 2" 
SAD0322 90mm x 1/2"
SAD0324 90mm x 3/4"
SAD0326 90mm x 1"
SAD0328 90mm x 1.1/4"
SAD0330 90mm x 1.1/2"
SAD0332 90mm x 2" 
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