Bermad 100 Series 24V AC and 9V DC Latching Pressure Regulating Solenoid Valve 2" to 3"

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Bermad 100 Series 24V AC and 9V DC Pressure Regulating Solenoid Valve 2" to 3" 

SOL0670  2" 24V AC
SOL0672  3" 24V AC

2" 9V DC Latching


3" 9V DC Latching 

 9V DC Pressure Regualting Solenoid Valves are 9V DC Latching valves.

100 Series Hi-Flow

High Performance Plastic Hydraulic Control Valves

Features and Benefits


  • Durable industrial grade valve design and constructionuses glass-filled Nylon material to meet rough serviceconditions.
  • Ultra-high flow capacity with minimal pressure loss.
  • Designed for service on a wide range of pressure and flow conditions, from dripping to maximum flow.
  • Simple design with few parts guarantees easy in-lineinspection and service.
  • Positive guided valve plug provides accurate motion and smooth regulation. Avoids chattering andslamming closed.
  • Versatile end connections allow mix of different sizesand connection types. Female thread, Flanged or PVC‘Slip-on’ Glue or Grooved adapter (as add-on option).
  • Articulated flange connections isolate the valve fromline bending and pressure stresses.





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