Bermad 3 Way Solenoid Coil Pilot on Base S-400-3W

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Bermad 3 Way Solenoid Coil Pilot on Base S-400-3W 24 Volt AC or 9 Volt DC


3-Way Solenoid with Hydraulic Base

The BERMAD S-400-3W is a compact 3-Way Solenoid Pilot Valve that can control valves independently or in combination with other control circuit accessories. It excels in its low power consumption and low sensitivity to dirt and voltage variations. The Model S-400-D-3W-BB, due to its internal diode rectifier, provides remarkable high switching power.
The Model S-400-R-3W-BB is lightning-resistant. The hydraulic base features a manual override and consists of a bracket for attaching to the valve or to a solenoid manifold.
Features and Benefits
Advanced Construction Materials, Unique Plastic Casing
Proven pressure, voltage and weather resistance
Highly durable in corrosive environments
High mechanical strength
Protection Class- IP68; NEMA Type 6D
Superb Internal Design and Finish
Reliable operation under dirt loaded water
Low sensitivity to voltage variations
24VAC Coils Suite both 50Hz & 60Hz networks
Low Power Consumption
Low coil heating and sediment damage
Saves wires and infrastructures costs
Suites all Continuous Current Controllers on the market
Hydraulic Base with Installation Bracket
High flow capacity quickens valve response
No dirt sedimentation inside solenoid actuator
Manual override open and close
Simple installation to valve or manifold
Simple Installation, Operation and Maintenance
Reliable and Durable Product that Bears the Stamp of BERMAD Quality
Solenoid controlled on/off valves
Solenoid controlled pressure and flow control valves
Multiple valve systems
Systems distanced from control centre
Solenoid manifolds in irrigation heads
Systems in areas liable to lightning storms (S-400-R)


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