Bermad Latching Solenoid Coil 6-20 volt S-392-2W

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Bermad Latching Solenoid Coil 9 - 20 Volt DC

Magnetic Latch Solenoid Actuator
2-Way, 9VDC Latch, 2- Leads
The BERMAD Model S-392-2W is a compact 2-Way Latching Solenoid Actuator, specially designed for reliable long life service in irrigation systems controlled by Battery Operated Controllers. The BERMAD latching Solenoid Actuator is applicable directly to the valve cover or with a 2-Way Base that enables combining it in variety of 2-way control circuits.
Model S-392-2W consumes power only when switching positions, using a very short electric impulse. This prolongs life of batteries and enables solar recharging.
Features and Benefits
Advanced Construction Materials, Unique Plastic Casing
Proven pressure, voltage and weather resistance
Highly durable in corrosive environments
Protection Class- IP68; NEMA Type 6D
Superb Internal Design and Finish
Reliable operation under dirt loaded water
Short Electrical Impulse Latch Activation
Extremely low power consumption
Low voltage battery operation
Saves wires and infrastructures
No coil heating
Suites most Battery Operated Controllers on the market
Applicable in solar activated systems
Simple Installation, Operation and Maintenance
Reliable and Durable Product that Bears the Stamp of BERMAD Quality
Applications Guide
Systems distanced from control center
Unavailable power supply locations
Solenoid controlled on/off valves
Solenoid controlled pressure and flow control valves
Multiple valve systems

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