Greenseal EPDM Tank Liners

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Greenseal Tank LinersGalvanised Tank with Greenseal EDPM 1mm Liner

AT FIRST GLANCE, Greenseal EPDM looks identical to butyl. But the surprise is that despite costing significantly less, its relevant physical properties (ageing and physical strength) are actually superior — and the cost difference is greater still.

Benefits compared to butyl of equivalent thickness

 • lower cost both initial and long-term
• higher UV stability    
• greater tolerance of weather extremes
• superior strength
• lower environmental impact




Diameter x Height

CAPACITY  Greenseal EPDM 0.75mm Greenseal EPDM 1.00mm
Inperial Size Metric Size GALLONS LITRES CODE CODE
9ft x   5ft 0in 2.74m x 1.52m        1,990        9,046 LIN0200A LIN0300A
9ft x   7ft 6in 2.74m x 2.29m        2,980      13,547 LIN0200B LIN0300B
9ft x 10ft 0in 2.74m x 3.04m        4,000      18,184   LIN0300C
12ft x 5ft 0in 3.65m x 1.52m        3,530      16,047 LIN0202A LIN0302A
12ft x 7ft 6in 3.65m x 2.29m        5,300      24,093 LIN0202B LIN0302B
12ft x 10ft 0in 3.65m x 3.04m        7,000      31,822   LIN0302C
15ft x 5ft 0in 4.57m x 1.52m        5,520      25,093 LIN0204A LIN0304A
15ft x 7ft 6in 4.57m x 2.29m        8,280      37,640 LIN0204B LIN0304B
15ft x 10ft 0in 4.57m x 3.04m      11,000      50,006   LIN0304C
18ft x 5ft 0in 5.48m x 1.52m        7,950      36,140 LIN0206A LIN0306A
18ft x 7ft 6in 5.48m x 2.29m      11,930      54,233 LIN0206B LIN0306B
18ft x 10ft 0in 5.48m x 3.04m      16,000      72,736   LIN0306C
21ft x 5ft 0in 6.40m x 1.52m      10,800      49,096 LIN0207A LIN0307A
21ft x 7ft 6in 6.40m x 2.29m      16,235      73,804 LIN0207B LIN0307B
21ft x 10ft 0in 6.40m x 3.04m      21,400      97,284   LIN0307C
24ft x 5ft 0in 7.31m x 1.52m      14,140      64,280 LIN0208A LIN0308A
24ft x 7ft 6in 7.31m x 2.29m      21,200      96,375 LIN0208B LIN0308B
24ft x 10ft 0in 7.31m x 3.04m      28,000    127,288   LIN0308C
36ft x 5ft 0in 10.97m x 1.52m      31,810    144,608 LIN0210A LIN0310A
36ft x 7ft 6in 10.97m x 2.29m      47,715    216,912 LIN0210B LIN0310B
36ft x 10ft 0in 10.97m x 3.04m      63,411    288,269   LIN0310C



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