Heron HT40 & HT240 PRO 2 Wire Decoder Controller

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  • Heron HT40 Pro Decoder Irrigation Controller
  • Heron HT40 Pro Decoder
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Heron HT40 PRO & HT240 PRO 2 Wire Decoder Irrigation Controller HTProAngleCut2

Heron’s most powerful two wire irrigation controller with industry leading surge suppression technology.  Whether your installation is for farming, horticulture landscape or sports, the HTpro provides an extremely reliable and flexible solution for irrigating over a large area.

  • Stay Connected  - HTpro controllers can be operated as standalone controllers. Or using Heron's web app through any device that connects to the internet.
  • Flexible Configuration - Up to 5 two wire paths, each supporting up to 5km of fully independent cables can be connected to one controller. There are no special cable requirements or limitations to the cable topology.
  • Extensive Management Information - The HTpro comes with a comprehensive range of management and diagnostic features to save you time and enable you to optimise your irrigation.
    • Daily event log with weekly, monthly and seasonal reports.
    • The ability to send alert emails and daily volume reports to 5 nominated email accounts.
    • Automatic cable testing to and from each decoder.
    • Data backup facility to restore your controller’s settings or to transfer settings to a new controller. Realtime flow and pressure monitoring.
  • Easy to Expand -  Simply connect a decoder at the nearest point along the 2 wire cable where it is needed. Additional cable drivers, each supporting up to 240 valves can be added.
  • Unique Surge Protection  Technology - Our patented technology leads the way in surge suppression standards. Surge protection is built into every decoder, pump outputs and the controller. The need for excessive use of earth rods is eliminated making significant cost savings. Our patented regulating AC decoders use alternating current greatly
    reducing cable corrosion.
  • Easy to Use - The operation of the HTpro is menu driven. This along
    with its large graphical display makes the operation of the controller intuitive
    and easy to use.
  • Tailor Your Controller  -The HTpro comes with a comprehensive
    set of configuration options so that you can tailor your controller to match
    your specific needs. Only the options you select will be displayed on the
    controller’s menus.
  • Intergrate with Sensors - The HTpro integrates seamlessly with our range of sensors or a full weather station. Irrigation can be controlled by light, temperature, rainfall, soil moisture, wind direction and a calculated evapo-transpiration (ET) value. Moisture sensors can be connected out in the
    field via the two core cable.
  • Fertiliser and Acid Doing  - Up to 4 Heron dosing systems can be connected to one irrigation controller.

Program Specification

  • Up to 28 independent programs.
  • Naming of programs, valves and inputs.
  • Calculation of program length.
  • Calculation of program end time for automatic starts.
  • 64 configurable automatic starts. Day of the week, weekend, week day, variable, once only on a specified date.
  • Up to 8 continual cycling starts.
  • Up to 3 co-valves can be assigned to any valve.
  • High and low flow limits can be set per valve.
  • Valve times can be set from a minimum of 3 second to 60 hours.
  • Rainfall can be monitored over 1 to 4 days, irrigation programs can be reduced by 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.
  • Valves can be defined for back flush use.
  • Programs can be integrated with light, rain, humidity, soil moisture and temperature sensors or full weatherstation.
  • Irrigation can be controlled from a calculated evapo-transpirition (ET) value. The ET value can be calculated every hour.
  • Comprehensive event log.
  • 2 wire cable diagnostics.

Hardware Specification

  • Extra large graphical display - 115mm x 80mm.
  • Up to 4 cable drivers can be connected to one irrigation controller.
  • Run up to 6 valves in parallel on one cable driver.
  • Total output current of each cable driver is 1.0A.
  • 4 inputs as standard, start, stop, weather station, flow meter.
  • Compatible with any 24V AC solenoid valve.
  • Patented AC regulating decoder.
  • 1, 2 and 4 output decoders available.
  • Latching decoder available for latching solenoid valves.
  • Decoders have a unique serial number. No special programming devices required.
  • Up to 9 flow meters can be connected. Real-time flow monitoring.
  • Flow meter input can use flow meter readings lower than 0.1LPM.
  • Up to 16 remote inputs available.
  • 2 pump outputs. Pump outputs have extremely high surge protection.
  • Range of pump/master valve decoder options.

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