Hunter Pilot Decoder

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Hunter Pilot Decoder


Pilot decoders are bright yellow to distinguish them from other decoder models. The color also makes them easier to find on construction sites and in the bottom of dark valve boxes. Decoders are completely waterproof. Pilot decoders have built-in surge suppression with a bare copper wire for connection to a ground rod or plate. DIH rotors do not include integrated surge protection therefore separate PILOT-SG inline surge protection devices are required.

 Each Pilot decoder has one pair of communication wires for connecting to the two-wire path. One of the wires is red. The other is blue. Inside the Hunter ID wire cable there are two conductors; one red and one blue to make wiring the system easy with little risk of mistakes.

In addition to the red/blue communication wires, Pilot decoders include pairs of color-coded wires.

These are station output wires. The colors are used to identify the decoder’s station outputs. Pilot-100 single-station decoder have a single pair of black station wires. On two-station decoders the first output is black and the second output is yellow. A different color is used for each output

Each station can be turned on independently of the others and each station output can activate up to two solenoids.

Theoretically, each multi-station decoder can activate the number of stations x 2 solenoids simultaneously. For example, a six-station decoder can operate up to (6 stations) x (2 solenoids) = 12 total solenoids. Some limitations may apply for very high-draw solenoids, and pump start relays

Pilot decoders are CE approved and meet other relevant international standards as well.


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