Hosereel Irrigator Bowling Green Watering System

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  • Bowls Green Watering System Hose reel Irrigator
  • 700 litre Tank
  • Bowls Green Watering System Hose reel Irrigator
  • Lowara BG Pump & Pressure Stat
  • Orma Leader 20/40
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Hosereel Irrigator Watering Irrigation System for Bowls Greensleader20-bowls.png

The Kit will consist of one 700 litre slim line water storage tank (700mm x 2100mm) complete with outlet, isolator valve and hose to connect to pump unit. Supply one ball float valve complete with 25mm blue water pipe to ground level terminating with an isolator valve, drain point and geka connection for you to connect your hose to fill the tank.
Supply one portable hose reel complete with 50 metres of tricoflex hose and brass hozelock type hose connectors.
Supply one Lowara BG pump unit complete with Genyo pressure stat, manual isolator valve and brass hozelock type hose connection.                                                                           
700 litre Slimline TankSupply one Leader 20/40 hose reel irrigator complete with 40 metres of 20mm hose and sprinkler on trolley.
The Leader 20/40 will irrigator a width of 20 to 24 metres depending on rewind speed, so will water a standard size bowling green in two passes.
The Irrigator has a turbine driven winding system; Sprinkler & hose will be pulled out, re-engage the turbine, switch the pump on and the turbine will wind in the sprinkler back on to the hose drum and will shut off at the end of the run utilising the shut off valve.
The Pump with the Genyo pressure stat will automatically start when flow is required and will stop when the irrigators shut off valve closes. The Genyo also has built in dry run protection to switch the pump off should the tank run dry of water.

 Hosereel Irrigator Leader 20/40Lowara BG Pump



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